Saturday, February 19, 2011

A message from an Egyptian-Canadian from Cairo

Dear friends:

I am emailing this message from Cairo.

I attended the "Friday of Victory" in Tahrir Square today.  It featured the Jum’a prayer led by Shiekh Qaradawi.  I spent five hours walking, sitting, watching, eating, and most importantly breathing the breeze of freedom.  Over one million people filled the Square and attached streets.

At times I could not walk because people made one stagnant mass, especially at the center of the Square.

The majority of people were from the under privileged class (ordinary Egyptians).  Families with their children were celebrating.  People who never participated in politics were there.

Egypt has returned to the Egyptians.  This is the summary of what I am seeing.

I went to Egypt mainly to participate in the demonstrations and to chant Belady Belady with the crowds in Tahrir Square.  But when that time came today I could not raise my voice.  Words choked in my throat.  I was very emotional for many hours.

One chant that I found particularly powerful was:
إرفع رأسك فوق ...  إنت مصرى

Today we should raise our heads, be proud of ourselves and our nation. 

It is true that there are so many challenges ahead of us, but the momentum we are gaining today, in terms of the numbers of demonstrators, their political awareness and the bond between Egyptians will make it possible to overcome those challenges.

Mabrook le Masr

Mohammed Shokr

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