Tuesday, April 21, 2015

لا تقف صامتا امام الانقلاب الدموي الفاشي

لا تقف صامتا امام الانقلاب الدموي الفاشي

تعليق: محمد شريف كامل
الأمين العام للمجلس الثوري المصري

سيادة الرئيس، إن رفضك الرضوخ والخنوع والتنازل عن مكتسبات ثورتنا وحلم شعبنا لهو الامل الذي يضئ طريقنا، لقد كنت ومازالت صادقا معنا ومع نفسك حين قلت إن حياتك ثمن الدفاع عن الشرعية، ونحن نقول لك وللعالم إن حياتنا جميعا فداء لمصرنا ولثورتنا ولشهدائنا الابرار.

باسم شعب مصر العظيم، باسم ثورتنا نوجه نداء لكل قوى العدل والحرية في العالم، نوجه نداء لشعوب العالم ألا تقف صامته امام تشويه القرن الحادي والعشرون بانقلاب دموي فاشي، والا تقبل ان يعمق الظلم ويثبت اركانه على أجساد أبنائنا واخواتنا، إننا باسم شعبنا الصامد نطالبكم جميعا باسم الحق والحرية أن تتخذوا موقفا حازما من هذه الجريمة الإنسانية التي لو سمح لها بالاستمرار فان نارها ستطال الجميع.

يا شعبنا العظيم، تمسك بسلمية ثورتنا والتي حتما ستكسر هذا الانقلاب وتعيد الشرعية وخيارنا الديمقراطي ولا تسمح لتصرفات السلطة الغاصبة المجنونة أن تجرك للعنف، ولا تفقد الثقة في أن السلمية هي الطريق للثأر.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Khaled and His Family Prevented from Traveling


652 Days
Khaled and His Family Prevented from Traveling
Family Indefinitely Held in Egyptian Airport, Medical Care Savings Confiscated and Family is Very Distressed

This evening as Sarah, Khaled and their four children were leaving to go home, the family was stopped at Cairo International Airport by Airport Security Services and told they would not be allowed to travel. For the last six hours they have been held without any indication of when they will be allowed to go home. Their passports have been taken and Sarah’s savings intended for Khaled’s medical care costs have been confiscated.

Over the last few months Khaled has worked diligently and respectfully to ensure that all his travel documents are in order. Khaled has received confirmations from legal authorities in Egypt that he is cleared from all accusations, not under investigation and is not banned from travel. The family and the legal team had formally notified all relevant authorities with their travel plans and Khaled’s medical arrangements.

There has been no explanation by Airport Security Services as to why the family is currently being held. Prior to travel, Khaled’s lawyers confirmed that he is not on a travel ban list. Thus, the actions of the Airport Security Services at Cairo International Airport are inconsistent with the clearances provided to the family.

Sarah and Khaled’s family and friends are very concerned at this time. Khaled is in need of urgent medical care. Sarah and the children are extremely exhausted and distressed by the current circumstances.

Khaled and Sarah hope that Egyptian Authorities will cooperate to clear this matter to facilitate a smooth exit from Egypt immediately. Sarah is in contact with Canadian authorities who have been assisting her and the children. Sarah and her children are all Canadian citizens and Khaled is a Canadian permanent resident.

“The children are very overwhelmed and this has been a very difficult experience for all of us. We had hoped to celebrate with friends and family in the morning. We will continue to communicate with the necessary Egyptian and Canadian authorities to confirm immediate and safe travels. I look forward to catching the next flight to Toronto,” says Sarah Attia.

Recent Health Update

Canadian physicians have been consulted regarding recent MRI reports. Khaled’s imaging report corroborates multiple areas of concern in his cervical and lumbar spine. Khaled is at risk of suffering irreversible damage to his spine, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. Without treatment he is in danger of permanent paralysis.

Khaled’s family has arranged admission to a Canadian hospital immediately upon his arrival.
Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz
Since July 3, 2013 Khaled has been detained in Egyptian jails, without charge. http://www.freekhal...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

محمد شريف كامل من المجلس الثوري المصري مع زوبع الحلقة كاملة، يوم الخميس 2-4-2015

محمد شريف كامل من المجلس الثوري المصري مع زوبع الحلقة كاملة، يوم الخميس 2-4-2015


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

حديث مع الناشط المصري الكندي المهندس محمد شريف كامل، الأمين العام للمجلس الثوري المصري

هل تقدم مصر على تدخل عسكري في اليمن؟

فادي الهاروني تناول احتمال تدخل مصر عسكرياً في اليمن في حديث مع الناشط المصري الكندي المهندس محمد شريف كامل، الأمين العام للمجلس الثوري المصري، والعضو المؤسس في جمعية مصريون كنديون من أجل الديمقراطية