Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In Peace and Understanding, Mohawks

Dear Mohamed,

This can be posted on your blog or forward to your readers. We are in Montreal area and traditional territory of Mohawk ( ka ie ge ha ga) people who know that the other civilizations' existences have not been based on peace, but on war, destruction, invasions. For all our outside friends, many from Middle East, Asia, Europe, the hope for peace in your homelands starts here - and then you can apply there - by how you observe and start understanding that this peaceful politico - economic model is still surviving today - with total inclusion and power sharing, balance with women. The original treaty in North America with European peoples - Two Row Wampum Treaty - obliges all to respect and not destroy Mother Earth.  Like Ehab L. Palestinian, Bedouin, Israeli Blaad party or other citizens, Jewish Mtl friends, etc.,  you can finally learn from the people here - closest to you. Could you envisage a traditional Mohawk person from here being only in Israel and not wanting to go to visit Palestinian villages, seeking out the good minds, true people?  Please share this message and the continued historical existence of  Great Law of Peace welcoming all us outside peoples who have received so much - and also shared with Mohawks. Thank you.

In Peace and Understanding,

Stone Iwaasa, Two Row Wampum Liaison, MTC

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