Saturday, November 19, 2011

In the name of the revolution they are killing it

Mohamed Kamel* November 19th, 2011

For a while I refrained from addressing the repeated protests in Egypt under different slogans, sometimes even contradicting ones. Some are calling what is going on in Egypt as the regaining of the revolution.  I call it the destruction of the revolution and of Egypt.  Some groups started to feel that they are losing the election so they are trying to interrupt it by using the remaining immature emotional stands.

And to repeat what has been said thousands of times, the 20 million that took to the street during the January 25th revolution don’t have one ideology and no one can claim its ownership.  As such, Egypt can only be built through the coming elections.

While I stand behind the right of every individual and every group to protest and demonstrate peacefully, above this, I stand behind Egypt.  Accordingly, I consider what is now going on in Egypt as a losing tactic to interrupt the only process in forming Egypt’s future.  That is why I stand behind the security forces’ right to regain the ground and regain the control over the streets before the upcoming election.

Attacking the police and army is a provocation that started from al-Abbasiyah in July to destroy Egypt.  It is not our revolution anymore.

Am I satisfied with everything going on in Egypt? Am I satisfied of the developments in the last 10 months? For sure not!  But, we don’t have a government mandated from the people.  So let us have one. Governing form the street can’t and will not work.  The only route to govern is the ballet boxes, the only known democracy process so far, and that is why we revolted on January 25th.

Some of the so called revolutionaries took the same stand as a tiny minority of the Egyptian Christians calling for the West’s protection.  Both are playing a very dangerous game, a movement lead by an idiotic American, by the right wing Canadians and Zionism.  No western protection will help anyone but the Zionists.

What is now going on in Egypt is the last nail in a coffin, well prepared for the revolution.  So, I am against all calls for demos in and out of Egypt.  And I believe in the brave Egyptians who will regain and rebuild an Egypt that no one will be able to divide its people or land.

Please let us participate in building Egypt through the elections and give the police and the army a chance to control the streets in preparing for a transparent and democratic election.

Like it or not we should suspend all demos until after the election.  If we have a transparent democratic election, we can build Egypt.  If not, we can come back to the streets stronger, as we will be united, hand in hand.

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* Mohamed S. Kamel: is a Freelance writer, the editor of, he is a professional engineer, a LEED Green Associate and a recognized project manager professional, he is Member of several civil society organizations, a co-founder of the Canadian Egyptian for Democracy (CEFD), National Association for Change in Egypt (Taghyeer – Canada), Association of the Egyptians of Montreal (AEM), Alternative Perspective Media (APM-RAM), , Quebec Antiwar movement “Échec à la Guerre”, Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine “CJPP”, ex-president and co-founder of the Canadian Muslim Forum (CMF), member of the board of trustee in the Canadian Muslim for Palestine (CMP) and Community Center for Montreal Muslims (CCMM) . He could be reached at

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