Friday, August 23, 2013

Operation Save Democracy (OSD): Egyptian American Task Force

For Immediate Release                                                    8/22/2013           

Operation Save Democracy (OSD) is an Egyptian American Task Force that was formed to deal with the political crisis created by the military coup in Egypt. OSD calls on President Obama, the US Congress, and the American people to stand for democracy in Egypt and denounce the July 3rd military coup.

            The overthrow of the legitimately elected president, the iron fist policies used by the interim government, and the declaration of emergency law are all pushing Egypt to a new cycle of violence and chaos. However, the new victims now are houses of worship where churches and mosques are burnt, attacked, and desecrated. OSD condemn such acts and calls for immediate investigations and prompt punishment of all involved parties including General Mohamed Ibrahim; the current Minister of Interior.

            Since the military coup, Egypt is suffering from the absence of a civic elected government, independent and principled judiciary establishment, responsible mass media, and ethical security apparatus. Today, the Egyptian people are facing unprecedented threats of violent assaults on religious buildings. People now lack any effective platform for justice to defend their faith-based institutions.

            In the midst of such a toxic environment one cannot possibly determine what is true and what is false, what are rumors and innuendo and what are factual and authentic.

During Mubarak’s era, the dirty tactic of ‘divide and rule’ was used quite skillfully by the government to create sectarian rifts between Muslims and Christians. For 30 dark years, both sides were tricked and dragged into this depleting animosity, which diverted their attention from the overwhelming corruption and failures of Mubarak’s regime. Even small and trivial disputes that happen in every society, were exaggerated, publicized, and inflamed to deepen the rift between an Egyptian and his/her fellow Egyptian. Even when there is a period of relative peace, Mubarak’s security apparatus managed to plot and stage a terrorist act against a church in Alexandria during the 2010 Christmas mass to justify another extension of its emergency law, which has already lasted for 30 years prior to this incident.

            The leaders of the military coup have cancelled the constitution and reinstated the emergency law. As a result, one should not be surprised that more and more of these sectarian disputes and claims will appear again. Some of these claims may be true and some may be rumors, exaggeration, or lies that are fabricated to score political points. In such a chaotic atmosphere, it is almost impossible to find the truth.

            Operation Save Democracy strongly believe that the US needs to act now and must use their most effective bargaining power by cutting-off of military aid and withholding official recognition of the new Egyptian government until the democratic process is restored. As American citizens, we plea from President Obama’s administration to take the following steps:

1.      Denounce the military coup
2.      Boycott the illegitimate government in Egypt, and request from US allies and the international community to do the same.
3.      Condemn the continuing massacres committed by the security apparatus across the country.
4.      Demand the restoration of the 2012 Egyptian Constitution, to ensure a peaceful, legal, and guided transition period
5.      Demand immediate release of President Morsi, his wife, his assistants, and all political prisoners
6.      Endorse and/or sponsor every effort that promotes national reconciliation among the various groups in Egypt.

For further information:

Operation Save Democracy (OSD)
Safei-Eldin Hamed, Ph.D.

Tel: (806) 535-8549

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