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The Egyptian Revolutionary Council

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council

The ERC is an organization that has brought together Egyptian citizens and movements abroad, irrespective of their political or ideological affiliations. We share in common, a belief in the principles of the January 25th Revolution, and work towards achieving its aims. We oppose all aspects of corruption and dictatorship in Egypt. We oppose the military coup and all that ensued from it, and we refuse the interference of the military in political life. We believe in constitutional legitimacy and work for the establishment of a civil sate that reflects the will of the Egyptian people and their freedom in choosing their government.

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council was launched on August 8th 2014, one year after a military coup aborted Egypt’s nascent democracy, and kidnapped its first freely and fairly elected President, Dr Mohammed Morsi.
We believe it is incumbent upon us, as Egyptians across the world, to unite under a single umbrella in order to expose and stand up to the crimes of Sisi’s military regime, as well as to work together to support the resistance inside Egypt to achieve the goals of the January 25th Revolution for Bread, Freedom, Social Justice and Human Dignity.

The ERC is a broad platform that represents different political currents and invites all Egyptians, irrespective of their political views, to work together to bring to an end the military regime, and to work to establish a democratic and civil state that upholds the rule of law and respects human rights.
We believe in working together for the political and economic prosperity of the Egyptian people. A prosperity that cannot be achieved under the kind of dictatorship, tyranny and corruption that manifests itself through the current regime in Egypt.

The Current Situation
In its year in power, the coup regime has been responsible for the murder of thousands of peaceful citizens and the imprisonment of over 40,000 dissidents. According to the HRW, the worst massacre in the modern history of Egypt in Rab’a, was premeditated and the plans and orders came from the highest levels of the state, from the current  Head of State president Sisi, his Interior minister, and other high level officials.
The military regime and its security services have committed other massacres with impunity over the past year. As documented by western human rights organisations, the Sisi regime systematically and intentionally murders peaceful protestors, tortures prisoners and rapes women and children.

Our Position
The ERC rejects a regime that has divided the Egyptian people, that seeks to justify the incarceration and murder of political dissidents and encourages sectarianism.
We believe in an Egypt for all its citizens without discrimination. We believe in an Egypt for all its citizens without discrimination that has a reformed and independent judiciary, not one that is the tool of the state, as evidenced by the sentencing of thousands of dissidents to death in minutes, without due process. We believe in an Egypt where the military serves its role as a defence force, and not as the de facto ruler, as it has done since 1952, nor where it is major economic institution in its own right, that controls over a quarter of the economy. We believe that endemic corruption at every level has hindered the economic prosperity of Egypt and resulted in an inequitable transfer of wealth from the state to a very small elite that controls the country’s institutions. We therefore believe that the corrupt state institutions need to be reformed root and branch. We believe Egyptian citizens deserve a better health, education and social security system that is not bled by the corrupt syphoning of resources to a klyptocratic elite We believe all of Egypt’s citizens deserve democracy. We believe all of Egypt’s citizens have the right to political participation and to demand accountability from their government.

Our Operating Model
Through each office and member of the ERC we intend to be the ambassadors and voice of free Egyptians and to echo the voice of the resistance inside Egypt which refuses to accept dictatorship and tyranny.
The ECR will be working to combat the coup regime through the following offices:
1. The Political and Diplomatic Bureau
2. The Human Rights Bureau
3. The Legal Bureau
4. The Media and Information Bureau

Each office will through its own expertise work to combat and expose the military regime in Egypt. Each will work to build bridges with governments, policy makers, parliamentarians, civil society and the public across the world in order to create awareness of the extreme dangers of the current coup regime to security and stability in Egypt and beyond; to demand a change in policy towards a tyrannical regime and an end to political and military aid to it.

In addition, the ECR will pursue all channels to ensure that the perpetrators of crimes against civilians deemed to be crimes against humanity are brought to justice through international law, as well as document all crimes against civilians as a resource for a future prosecution of the perpetrators in Egyptian courts, once democracy is restored.

The ECR will seek to galvanize support among Egyptians living abroad (a broad base, among whom are educated professionals who are well established in, and contributors to their host communities) and seek to coordinate their activities and efforts in opposing the dictatorship in Egypt.

Finally, the ECR will set out an alternative political and economic vision for Egypt›s future built on consensus and thorough studies with all political forces inside and outside Egypt who believe in a civil state, democracy and the end of the military›s interference in politics.
This will ensure that there is an orderly transfer to a democratic society once the army’s hold on power is broken.


We will not give up our struggle for freedom and justice in Egypt, and we call on all those who believe in the values of democracy and justice to stand with us and take all necessary political, diplomatic and economic action to condemn and isolate a dangerous dictatorship that kills its own citizens and threatens regional stability and security.

Mohamed Sherif Kamel;
Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC)
Democracy -Constitutionalism- Civil State
Could be reach at:


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