Sunday, August 31, 2014

Statement by the Freedom and Rights Committee of the ERC on the arrest of the witness on the Military Coup massacre

The Freedom and Rights Committee is strongly condemning the unprecedented criminal act that has been committed by the ministry of interior of the coup government, which is the unlawful arbitrary detention of Mr Mohamed Tarek who was one of the witnesses and whose testimony was part of the Human Rights Watch report about the Massacres committed by the Coup’s security forces, and by the order of the head of the coup Abdel Fattah El Sisy .

The Security Forces broke into his home and destroyed its contents and claimed, unlike the truth, that he was arrested while participating in a demonstration in the area of Moharam Bekh, Alexandria and was possessing publications.

The committee also strongly condemns the statements made by one of the security officials on the website of Al Masry El Youm journal, stating that Mr. Tarek was being put under investigation for contributing to a false testimony in the Human Rights report.

The committee reaffirms that what has been carried out by those forces against the victim is a full-scale crime through the infringement of a political activist for nothing but for testifying truthfully against a terrifying massacre that has not yet undergone unbiased investigation as well as not being responded to or reacted to the requests that had been presented by Egyptian human rights organizations  in addition to the National Council of Human Rights and International Human Rights Organizations. 

We hereby call for the immediate release of Mr. Mohamed Tarek and the arrest of the real criminals who committed the massacres against humanity as described by the human rights report, in Rabaa and Nahda instead of arresting the witnesses.

Haytham Abou Khalil
Head of Freedom and Rights Committee 
The Egyptian Revolutionary Council 
August 30th, 2014

Media Contact;

Mohamed Sherif Kamel;
Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC)
Democracy -Constitutionalism- Civil State

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