Monday, January 25, 2016

25th of January revolution's fifth anniversary and its goals far from being achieved


Monday, Januray 25, 2016
Press statement

Today is the fifth anniversary of the 25th of January Revolution that erupted in 2011 for ‘bread, freedom, social justice, and human dignity’ and today we find Egyptians living under military dictatorship, tyranny and face appalling violations of their basic rights1

Egyptians, through their struggle and sacrifice for almost two years post the 2011 revolution, forced the deep state and the military to submit to their will and they elected the first civilian president through free and fair elections in 2012. This marked a vital step forward towards achieving the Revolution's goals, however it was brutally countered by means of a military coup that brought Egypt to a state worse than that of the Mubarak era.

The  military regime has been responsible for the worst violations of human rights in Egypt's modern history, the silencing of all means of opposition through arbitrary detention, torture, killing and execution.  The Egyptian Revolutionary Council urges all Egyptians to demand the return of the military to its barracks and the restoration of democracy. 



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