Monday, March 24, 2014

handful of Egyptians strike with their hypocrite positions

Again, a handful of Egyptians strike with their hypocrite positions;

The same people whom divided Montreal Egyptian and stayed 8 month silent of the atrocities taking place in Egypt, they strike again with lines of lies and hypocrisy, claiming that they defend freedom of expression but really they still:

  • Welcome and support a coup against a democratic elected president
  • Prompt dictatorship
  • Support the killing of innocent people been killed in the street of Egypt everyday
  • Support the imprisoning of tens of thousands of Egyptians
  • Try to associate an Egyptian charity group, Muslim Brotherhood, to terrorism and violence and the killing of soldiers and tourist
  • While the MB condemned all act of violence in Egypt include what is going on in Sinai, these individuals deny this reality and state lies.
  • Show their trust of the corrupted juridical system in Egypt
  • Didn’t say word on the silence of media under the coup

Can’t they see kids been targeted killed by the coup forces, can’t they see the kids been imprisoned, some of these people present themselves sometime as progressive thinkers and they are not more than masked hypocrite, anti-democratic, coup agents.

Are we going to hear from them another hypocrite positions on the corrupted juridical system in Egypt, especially after sentencing 520 human to death!

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