Sunday, March 30, 2014

ECCD Statment on Sentence of 529 Egyptians to Death: A Scream for Justice

Egyptian Canadian Coalition for DemocracyA Scream for Justice

Since the bloody military coup took place in Egypt on July 3rd, 2013, the killings, arrests, and torture of Egyptians by the coup regime did not stop.  Every day, the coup shows the world more and more how ugly and savage its true face is.  Starting with the massacre of Rabaa, the largest massacre in Egyptian history, that claimed thousands of lives, to the daily killing of Egyptian University students, to the arrest and torture of a massive number of Egyptians that exceeded 22,000 so far, the coup is showing the world its bloody and savage nature.  All this is happening amid a deafening silence from the international community.  This suspicious silence encouraged the coup regime to sentence 26 pro-democracy supporters Egyptian to death last week with complete disrespect to the basic principles of justice.  Two days ago, on March 24th, an Egyptian judge, based on orders from the military, sentenced 529 pro-democracy Egyptians to death in a grotesque trial that lasted for only two sessions spanning only 20 minutes! The defendants were denied the right to deny the charges and no evidence whatsoever was presented.  It is ironic that several of those accused were killed by the military before the alleged crime took place. Some of them have been outside the country for years!
It has never happened before in Egyptian history that the country suffered from such a brutal level of injustice.  The leaders of the military coup, after removing the democratically elected president, are trying to get rid of all opposition using the Egyptian judiciary as their weapon in cold blood.
The Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy (ECCD) is calling on all free people around the world in the name of basic human values, freedom, and human rights to stand beside their brothers and sisters in Egypt who are struggling for freedom from an oppressive military regime.  We call on all free people around the world to pressure their governments to help stop the flood of spelt Egyptian blood and to press for a return to democracy in Egypt.
We call on reputable international organizations including the United Nations (UN), Amnesty International,  the International Human Rights Commission, and the International Criminal Tribunal to do all they can to stop the execution of the grotesque court rulings in Egypt.  We also call on them to interfere to end the massacres committed by the military and police force against pro-democracy supporters and to press for the release of all political detainees.  We also call on all international organizations to stop any cooperation with the military-controlled Egyptian government and to reduce the representation of Egypt in these organizations until the oppressive practices cease and full return to democracy is achieved.  

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