Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Letter to the UN: follow the footsteps of the African Union and refuse the military coup

To his excellency Mr. Ban Ki Moon
United Nations, Secretary General
14, Avenue de la Paix ,
Geneva, Switzerland                                                                                   January, 8th  2014

Dear  Mr . Ban Ki Moon
 On behalf of the Egyptians Worldwide for Democracy and Justice Network (EW4DJ), we are calling upon the United Nations to interfere urgently and stop the illegal actions against Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the kidnapped president of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
We plead to you to use your good office to stop the terrible violations of both national and international laws against a duly elected president. These violations include, but are not limited to, the attempt to try him in a criminal court, and not through a parliamentarian committee and in front the High Constitutional Court of Egypt. Such politically motivated procedure aims at demonizing President Morsi and his political party to justify the July 3rd military coup, which managed to overthrow him and his government, and triggered extensive bloodshed across that nation.
Our EW4DJ Network expects that the United Nations will follow the footsteps of the African Union and assert its authority and commitment to support legitimately elected governments of its members. We respectfully urge you to take prompt and effective actions including the following steps:
·        Demand the immediate release of President Morsi and his assistants.
·        Request the existing military authority to ensure his safety.
·        Consider assigning a special UN envoy to lead a team to visit Dr. Morsi to ensure that his life is safe and that the conditions around him do not represent any type of threat to his physical or psychological well-being.
We hope that upon the return of the UN special envoy, he will prepare and present a field report to yourself and the international community by the end of January 2014.  
We are looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Ms. Maissa Abdellatif, France  +33682045092  Member of coordinating committee EW4DJ and assistant coordinator Egyptians Abroad for Democracy Worldwide   (63 Avenue de la Grande Armee, Paris75016 France)
Mr. Osama Rushdy, UK                         +447813163947
Dr. Safei-Eldin Hamed, USA                 +18065358549
Mr. Ehab Lotayf, Canada                     +15149419792
            Dr. Hosam Elshazly, Switzerland       +41764740929

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