Tuesday, January 7, 2014

EW4DJ emphasizes the responsibility of the current Egyptian authorities to protect the lives and properties of all citizens

For Immediate Release
Egyptians Worldwide for Democracy & and Justice Network (EW4DJ)

The Egyptians Worldwide for Democracy and Justice Network (EW4DJ) condemns the horrible explosion at the headquarters of the Dakahlia Province Security Forces in the city of Mansura.  We offer our sincere condolences to the families of the victims and pray for the speedy recovery of those who were injured.  

From various parts of the globe. the members of EW4DJ were anxiously following these sad events, seeking to learn the results of the legal investigations and the official reports of forensic evidences to identify those responsible for this crime and to put them on trial. Sadly however, we were surprised by the provisional PM of the Egyptian government; Dr.Biblawy rushing to assign the responsibility for this criminal act to the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, and to declare that the MB is a terrorist organization. This type of hasty initiative seems like crude utilization of tragic events to score political points.  Declaring any political party or charity organization as a terrorist organization despite the absence of any Egyptian law that will support this action is an action without precedent in the modern history.

The Egyptians Worldwide for Democracy and Justice Network (EW4DJ) considers that the Biblawy government itself a usurpation of power from a legitimately elected president and government. Further more, this government appears now as determined to stamp all the opposition, and especially the Islamic parties, as terrorists so and move to eliminate them from the political stage in Egypt.  This is an opportunistic and fascist tactics step that does not reflect the wisdom needed at this inflamed era of Egypt's history. The Network also condemns the threats being broadcast over the public and private media outlets, controlled by the coup, which speak of liquidating the Brotherhood from its roots and the killing of its members, and emphasizing the determination of the coup authority to confront any demonstration with excessive and violent use of force.
EW4DJ also condemns the targeting of homes and business establishments, and their looting in the city of Mansura, claiming that they belong to citizens who are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. The decision of the government to freeze the assets of 1055 private charitable Islamic organizations with no evidence or legal process, is leading to the destruction of Islamic philanthropy that is essential to millions of poor Egyptians who depend on its medical, social and educational services of these NGOs.

As a result, EW4DJ expresses deep concern for the deteriorating security situation and the irrational behavior of the Coup regime, and emphasizes that the continuation of these drastic and punitive actions will surely will lead the country into a civil war. We hereby call upon all level heads and sincere leaders of the the country to avoid and to save Egypt in this critical juncture.  
Finally, the Egyptians Worldwide for Democracy and Justice Network (EW4DJ) emphasizes the responsibility of the current Egyptian authorities to protect the lives and properties of all citizens without any discrimination, and to protect the right of peaceful demonstration and protest, and not to use violence against the demonstrators and university students, and not to confuse a popular and peaceful revolution against the military coup, to restore the rule of law and the process of constitutional democracy, with the terrorist activities that the coup government has failed so far to bring to justice.

On behalf of many Egyptians living abroad, we stress our serious distrust in the legitimacy and integrity of the coup authorities. Therefore, we call for a speedy international investigations of these events and of all of all other crimes committed since the July 3rd coup.

For Further Information:
Dr. Safei-Eldin Hamed, safeihamed@gmail.com, (806) 535-8549

Dr. Amin Mahmoud, aeamisr@hotmail.com, (202) 276-4940

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