Saturday, February 17, 2018

Canada: Don't sell arms to countries Violating Human Rights

Word to the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) on its resolution to stop selling arms to countries violating Human Rights

Mohamed Kamel;
Delegate to the NDP convention

Canada: Don't sell arms to countries Violating Human Rights

I strongly support the motion, it is against Canadian value to trade with governments that violate Human Rights, specially when this trade in arms,
I hope that someone from the policy drafting committee take note that, I strongly support the motion in spite that

  • the motion resolved without referring to other support equipment (as armed carrier that Canada sells to several countries among them Saudi Arabia, and Egypt and are been used against people in the peaceful demonstrators in the street…)
  • the motion preamble did list a few governments and didn’t include Egypt and Israeli among the listed, while their violation of HR is well known and recorded.

Every one here know about Israel violation. Maybe not Egypt, on this tropic delegates presented an emergency resolution hope it comes to the floor tomorrow to address the systematic violation of HR and the target killing of Egyptian people in the streets and the execution of people without due juridical process, practice that has been condemned several times by the European Parliament but never by the Canadian Parliament

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