Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The 6th anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution: The Revolution continues…


Tuesday, January 24, 2016
Press statement

The 6th anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution: The Revolution continues…

6 years after the momentous 18 days of street protest that compelled Mubarak’s resignation, the spirit of the January uprising continues to pose a threat to the regime which employs all means of repression to deter people from marking the day in Egypt.

Today, Egypt’s volatile society is ruled by a ruthless military counter-revolution that is marred by mounting levels of dissent, unprecedented levels of repression, brutal police practices, targeting of activists and journalists, a failing economy, a growing security crisis, and escalating political turmoil; All of which will become more evident as the state becomes incapable of guaranteeing even a modicum of social welfare services.

Guilio Regeni, the Italian citizen and Cambridge PhD student was perhaps the best known victim of the annual round up of activists that takes place every year in January. On the eve of January 25th, 2016, and despite being a foreigner and a leftist, he was considered a serious enough threat to Sisi’s regime to be kidnapped and tortured in what we believe are among the cruellest and most unhuman dungeons on earth today. The tell-tale signs of his relatively brief stay in these dungeons were detailed in a 220 page forensic report.

The Egyptian regime has been resisting all attempts to find the perpetrators because it is fully aware that it is not in its best interest to put on trial the very torturers and murders it trained specifically in order to continue its reign of terror over Egyptians.

As events unfold in Egypt, the Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) continues to uphold its principles of rejecting all forms of military or authoritarian rule, and to maintain its non-violent struggle to achieve freedom, democracy and social justice for all Egyptians.

In addition, Dr Maha Azzam, Head of the ERC said, “We salute those in Egypt who are standing firm in the face of the most severe forms of oppression to demand their rights and freedoms. We shall support you and stand behind you until the victory of our revolution.”


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