Sunday, July 6, 2014

Alastair Campbell from the Iraqi Lie To the Destruction of Egypt

Introduction by: Mohamed Kamel

This is not a fictional story nor a point of view illustrated in an article.  This is the realty of a new Egypt that is been created by Jehan Sadat entourage, inherited by the Mubarak Family. This regime orchestrated the removal of Mubarak and the destruction of the revolution and one year of a false dream in democracy.

The real engineer of this mass killing and the destruction of Egypt is unknown and will not be known for 10s of years.  But the puppet in this is El-Sisi and the financers are UAE and SA. Executed on the ground by the mislead Egyptians, planed by the engineer of Iraq’s lie of having Weapons of Mass Destruction, Alastair Campbell.

I suggest you read these articles:    

Who is Alastair Campbell?
Iraq War
In the run-up to the Iraq War Campbell was involved in the preparation and release of the "September Dossier" in September 2002 and the "Iraq Dossier" (or "Dodgy Dossier") in February 2003. These documents argued the case for concern over possible weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Iraq. Both have been criticised as overstating or distorting the actual intelligence findings. Subsequent investigation revealed that the September Dossier had been altered, on Campbell's orders, to be consistent with a speech given by George W. Bush and statements by other United States officials. On 9 September 2002, Campbell sent a memo to John Scarlett, the chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, in which Campbell directed that the British dossier be "one that complements rather than conflicts with" the US claims.[18]
Later in 2003, commenting on WMDs in Iraq he said, "Come on, you don't seriously think we won't find anything?".[19] He resigned in August 2003 during the Hutton Inquiry into the death of David Kelly. Kelly's view that the government exaggerated the Iraqi threat in the Iraq Dossier, told to BBC journalists Andrew Gilligan and Susan Watts, had led to Campbell battling with the BBC. When Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon revealed to Campbell that Dr Kelly had talked to the BBC, Campbell had then decided, in his own words, to use this fact to "fuck Gilligan".[20] The counsel for the Kelly family said to Lord Hutton: 'The family invite the inquiry to find that the government made a deliberate decision to use Dr Kelly as a pawn as part of its strategy in its battle with the BBC

Alastair Campbell: Egypt hasn’t paid me a penny [But UAE did]

Former spin doctor Alastair Campbell meets Egyptian regime blamed for 1,000 deaths - weeks after Blair gives staunch backing to its coup leader ahead of election

Tony Blair and his former spin doctor Alistair Campbell accused of propping up the mass-murdering regime of Egypt's General Sisi

Tony Blair to advise Egypt president Sisi on economic reform

Regarding the Blair’s Project in Egypt

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