Sunday, May 18, 2014

Palestine day in Montreal

Palestinian day in Montreal
Sunday May 18, 2014
Mohamed Kamel, ECCD
Speech outline

·        Palestine is not a piece of land, Palestine is people, Palestine is heritage, Palestine is culture, Palestine is history, Palestine is present and future
·        As an Egyptian Personally and as a group, Palestine is in our heart and will remain in our heart
·        The memory of elnakbah is an occasion to repeat our commitment in achieving your dream and your goal, our dream and our goal
·        In my name and in the name of all Egyptians, I apologies to all Palestinians for the participation of these criminals governing Egypt in the blockade against our brothers and sisters in Gaza
·        We are signing the Palestinian flag, a symbol of Palestine the land, and the people, a symbol of determination
·        We are all calling for peace, but we are not naive, we know and we reiterate that peace is not going to be achieved unless it is built on justice.
·        Justice will prevail and all Palestinian will achieve the right of return and the freedom  
·        In the name of ECCD, Egyptian Coalition for Democracy in Egypt, we promise you that we will remain in the same line with you until you are back to your homeland and we will celebrate with you that return soon
·        and we both Palestinians and Egyptians will establish our democratic countries, a country that respects the human rights and the freedom of all its people without exclusion.
·        VIVA Palestine, next year we will celebrate in Alquds in shaa Allah  

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