Saturday, November 9, 2013

Q&A on Egypt with Noam Chomsky - Oct 2013

(for who would like to read the Arabic transcript please press cc)

Please notice how through all over the session the master of ceremony and others tried to direct Chomsky to say that no solution but to ask for the military coup, something Chomsky resisted clearly with one stand, the other side are not capable of running in a fair election. I said before in January 2012, I said clearly don’t giving the MB a chance means the return of Mubarak or Salfasit. The so called liberal are just a talk show professionals, lazy so they are the losers as usual since 1974. 

Supporting the coup and defending it, calling for MB a terrorist group, silent in face of the killing and mas arrest, all these are worst and not only losing credibility but also lose all morals.

I still don’t understand how intellectual Egyptian can’t see it, they are driving Egypt to another 40 years of aggression and as Chomsky said to the dark era just in hate for the others.    

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