Sunday, June 30, 2013

Henry Lowi: RE: June 30 is a New Threat to Egyptian Democracy

(Please read Henry Lowi comment, he is a Canadian Lawyer and an anti-Zionists Jewish, a founder of “not in our name”. That is what we are saying since Feb 11, 2012, in spite of that Egyptian opposition can’t  get it yet, and they are doing the exactly the opposite.)

RE: June 30 is a New Threat to Egyptian Democracy

The focus of the popular mobilization should NOT be to bring down Morsi (now) but to disband SCAF (now).

Winning over the rank and file soldiers and junior officers.

Building labor unions and strengthening the links between the labor movement and the poor peasants.
These are the necessary preparatory steps for the next stage of the revolution.

A confrontation with Morsi, now, before the workers and soldiers and peasants are solidly organized  -- is a provocation that cannot be won.

The focus, for the near future, must be on disbanding SCAF as the main threat to the popular democratic goals of Tahrir.


Henry Lowi

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